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Learning the value of your farm will be very important to you in some situations, especially when you are considering selling farmland in Iowa.  We provide Free Farmland Market Analysis to help you determine the potential value of your farmland when sold by listing or auction. Simply fill out as much as you know below or call us at 855-376-3478.  Don’t sweat it if you don’t know all the details, we have the tools and resources to find the rest, but as much as you have would be a great start. Be sure to include your contact information so we can get you the results.  Fill in the owners name as the actual title holder name.  Some farms are owned by an LLC, or some may be in another persons name other than your own.  This is common in estates or inheritances. We will contact you at the number provided, if a phone number is not provided we will attempted to contact you via email for a response.