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Recent Sales in This Region

  • 400 Acres - $5,126 per acre
  • 118.4 Acres - $4,900 per acre
  • 78.8 Acres - $9,500 per acre
  • 45.9 Acres - $3,912 per acre

High Quality Farmland: $9,341 per acre
Medium Quality Farmland: $6,616 per acre
Low Quality Farmland: $3,790 per acre
Average Price Per Acre: $6,868
Trend from Last Report: Up 3.8%

High Quality 67 to 100 CSR2
Medium Quality 34 to 66 CSR2
Low Quality 0-33 CSR2

Counties in This Region: Mahaska, Keokuk, Washington, Louisa, Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Wapello, Davis, Van Buren, Lee
Information about Southeast Iowa Farmland:

Information for this region is updated as of January 7, 2020.