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    Iowa Land Auction Results and Prices Week 8 2018

    February 27, 2018

    Iowa Land Auction Results and Prices Week 8 2018 Farmland Average Price per CSR2 Point in Iowa Farmland prices in Iowa for week 8 measure the farmland auction results for Feb 16 to 22.  During this week 1679 acres in 15 parcels with at least 80% tillable acres were sold at auction bringing the total […]

    Iowa Farmland Prices Auction Results Week 7 2018

    February 21, 2018

    Iowa Farmland Auction Results for Week 6 2018 Average Price per CSR Point in Iowa Iowa farmland prices in week 7 were nearly identical to week 6 of 2018.  This weeks farmland auction results show that $14,606,615 worth of farmland sold at auction this week for farms that are 80% tillable or more.  There was […]

    Farmland Auction in Sioux County Iowa

    February 12, 2018

    Farmland Auction in Sioux County Iowa On February 22, 2018 we will be conducting a farmland auction in Sioux County Iowa for Rebecca Bower.  This 81 acre northwest Iowa farm is a very high quality tillable farm located in the heart of Sioux County just southwest of Boyden Iowa.  This farm is an excellent opportunity […]

    Iowa Farmland Prices Report Week 6 2018

    February 12, 2018

    Iowa Farmland Report Week 6 of 2018 Average Price per CSR2 Point in Iowa Welcome to our Iowa farmland report for week 6 of 2018.  Dollars per CSR2 point this week swings $12.39 higher than last weeks average ending at $96.13 per CSR2 point.  Good farmland sale prices this week and an abundance of good […]

    Iowa Farmland Prices Land Auction Results 2018 Jan 26 to Feb 1

    February 10, 2018

    Iowa Farmland Prices Iowa farmland prices for Farmland Auctions conducted January 26 to Feb 1 2018 (week 5) Below is the table of all farmland auction results across Iowa for the 5th week of 2018. This weeks farmland auction remain strong in a tough commodity price market.  This week had a good mix of all […]

    Farmland Auction in Palo Alto County Iowa

    January 19, 2018

    Farmland Auction in Palo Alto County Iowa DreamDirt Auctioneers will represent the Willis Voxland Estate in the sale of this 118 acres farmland auction in Palo Alto County Iowa on Feb 14, 2018.  These 2 farms are both exceptional quality soils with high CSR ratings in northwest Iowa.  Tract 1 is 40 +/- and Tract […]

    Nebraska Farmland Prices

    August 15, 2017

    Nebraska Farmland Prices A report out on Nebraska Farmland Prices from the University of Nebraska shows a 3rd consecutive year of declines in values of farmland in Nebraska.  The report shows an average of 9% lower land values across Nebraska for the year ending February 1, 2017.  In early 2017 the state average land price […]

    Iowa Farmland Prices August 2016

    September 3, 2016

    Iowa Farmland Prices August 2016 This report on Iowa Farmland Prices from DreamDirt, a regular series of farmland values analysis in Iowa issued on a monthly basis is designed to help farmland owners, heirs, executors and other professionals understand the current climate and see the actual sales prices of farms in Iowa.  The report is the best available information collected […]