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    farmland prices in iowa

    Iowa Farmland Prices

    Iowa farmland prices for Farmland Auctions conducted January 26 to Feb 1 2018 (week 5)

    Below is the table of all farmland auction results across Iowa for the 5th week of 2018.

    This weeks farmland auction remain strong in a tough commodity price market.  This week had a good mix of all types of farms including predominantly tillable farmland to predominantly pasture farms.

    Average Price per CSR2 Point

    CSR2 ratings ranged from 52 to 94 this week which yielded an average price per CSR2 point of $83.73 statewide.

    Iowa Farmland Sales Volume

    This week 1530.02 acres sold with 1225.90 of those acres being tillable farmland acres.  Farmland sales volume is extremely low right now and has been for the past 12 months.  The sellers that are going to market are doing very well on medium to high quality farms.  Lower quality farm with low CSR ratings have struggled more to achieve top prices but still continue to sell fairly well.

    Highest Selling Farm This week

    The highest selling farm this week was in Iowa County with a 60 acre farm selling for $10,200 per acre.  The price per acre was exactly the same as a farmland sale in O’Brien County at $10,200 but when you compare the CSR2 values for the farms the Iowa County farm sold for $127.66 per point while the O’Brien County farm sold for $108.28 per point.  There is a significant difference when you consider the spread in price per CSR2 points.  It would appear that that price spread is likely to do non productive acres on the O’Brien County farm that had 80.32 total acres and only 72.45 tillable acres.

    Farmland Price Summary for Iowa

    You could consider this week the low end of the averages for our current trend where Iowa farmland prices tend to fall between $80 and $115 per CSR2 point.  Measuring over just 1 week you can have a wide swing from week to week depending on the farms sold.

    Iowa Farmland Auction Results from January 26 to February 1, 2018

    County Total Acres Tillable Acres Price Per Tillable CSR2 $ per Tillable CSR2 Total Price
    Iowa County 60 56.17 $10,200.00 79.9 $127.66 $572934.00
    Keokuk County 104 103 $9200.00 72.6 $126.72 $947600.00
    Keokuk County 50 35 $4750.00 71.2 $66.71 $166250.00
    Crawford County 283.74 244.3 $5075.00 56 $90.63 $1239822.50
    Crawford County 119.46 18.94 $3375.00 61.8 $54.61 $63922.50
    Montgomery County 156.25 125.57 $5100.00 70 $72.86 $640407.00
    Montgomery County 156.5 129.41 $4550.00 71.3 $63.81 $588815.50
    Henry County 40 35.5 $9975.00 84.1 $118.61 $354112.50
    Wayne County 136 112 $2125.00 52.4 $40.55 $238000.00
    Wayne County 144 107.46 $2200.00 59.3 $37.10 $236412.00
    Van Buren County 89.82 80.91 $7000.00 59.3 $118.04 $566370.00
    Van Buren County 9.93 7.66 $3300.00 83.8 $39.38 $25278.00
    O’Brien County 80.32 72.45 $10,200.00 94.2 $108.28 $738990.00
    Greene County 100 97.53 $9000.00 83.8 $107.40 $877770.00
    STATEWIDE AVERAGE $6146.43 71.40 $83.74
    TOTALS 1530.02 1225.9 $7,256,684

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