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    Recent Sales in This County

    • 4/6/20 - 166.74 Acres, 154.25 Tillable Acres, 75.8 CSR2, $7,500/acre
    • 6/3/17 37 acres $2,500 60.4 CSR2 32.11 Tillable $41.39 per CSR2 Point
    • 4/12/18 160 Acres $5,550 60.3 CSR2 145.65 Tillable Acres $92.04 per CSR2 Point
    • 4/12/18 77 Acres $5,450 60.4 CSR2 69.7 Tillable Acres $90.23 per CSR2 Point
    • 4/12/18 71.42 Acres $5,100 50.6 CSR2 69.11 Tillable Acres $100.79 per CSR2 Point
    • 9/23/19 - 34.97 Acres, 34.54 Tillable Acres, CSR2 76.4, $7,600/acre
    • 9/23/19 - 39.4 Acres, 3.27 Tillable Acres, CSR2 78.4, $3,800/acre
    • 9/23/19 - 37.19 Acres, 35.37 Tillable Acres, CSR2 77.4, $7,700/acre
    • 4/19/19 214 Acres; 129.17 Tillable Acres; $3,300/acre; 63.9 CSR2
    • 11/08/18 221 Acres; 183.73 Tillable Acres; $3,400/acre; 55.1 CSR2

    Location: Southwest Iowa
    County Average CSR2:
    CSR2 Weighted Average: 69.5 CSR2 Cropland Average: 79

    State Average CSR2: 68.6
    Average Price per CSR2 Point: $86.39
    County Size: 564 sq miles
    Farmland Acres: 331,362 total acres, 287,811 Cropland acres, 5,598 Woodland acres, 37,953 Other acres

    Average Farmland Value (Price Per Acre):
    Average Farmland Value for Southwest Iowa:
    Highest Known Farmland Sale in County:

    Average County Rent: $211.00
    Rent Range: $174-$244
    Average rent for Southwest Iowa:
    Rent per CSR Point:

    Improved Permanent Pasture:
    $80.00/a Regional Average
    Unimproved Permanent Pasture: $64.00/a Regional Average
    Stalk Grazing per Acre:
    $9.00/a Regional Average
    Hunting Rights per Acre:
    $12.00/a Regional Average

    Towns: Anita, Cumberland, Lewis, Massena, Atlantic, Griswold, Mae, Wiota

    Unincorporated Areas:

    Townships: Bear Grove, Edna, Lincoln, Pymosa, Benton, Franklin, Massena, Union, Brighton, Grant, Noble, Victoria, Cass, Grove, Pleasant, Washington

    History: Cass County is named in honor of Lewis Cass, a Michigan senator and an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for the presidency in 1848. The county was established within its present boundaries in 1851 and originated in 1853. Religious persecution was responsible for bringing the first people of European ancestry to Cass County. The Mormons, fleeing from Illinois, were the earliest settlers, and established a community at Indiantown in 1846. At Indiantown, two of the three commissioners selected to locate a county seat were chosen. The site they chose was one mile (1.6 km) from Indiantown and named Lewis. Most of the people and businesses in Indian Town moved to Lewis shortly after it was laid out. In 1856 a frame courthouse was built, and eight years later a small stone building was completed for the county treasurer's office. In 1857 there was an attempt to relocate the county seat to Grove City; it was unsuccessful. On October 20, 1869, after a due canvass of the vote on the re-location of the county seat, the Board declared the city of Atlantic the county seat and ordered the county officers to that place. In 1872 the first courthouse built in Atlantic was completed. Until it was completed county offices were held in various empty buildings. Ten years later the county built its second courthouse at Atlantic. The $65,000 building was destroyed by a fire in 1932. The fire started in the clock tower and gutted all of the second floor. Most of the county records and equipment were saved. The present, fourth, courthouse was completed in 1934. While it was being built, county offices were located in the Atlantic Motors building, where an attempted robbery of the treasurer's safe took place. The robbers were interrupted and escaped, but without any money. The final cost of the fourth courthouse was $130,000: $65,000 came from a county bond issue, $46,500 from insurance and the remaining was covered by a Public Works Administration federal grant. The concrete and brick building is three stories high. It was dedicated on December 26, 1934, with the main speaker being the Goveor of Iowa, Clyde L. Herring. The Board of Supervisors approved a new jail addition, which was dedicated in 1984.

    Additional Information: Learn more on the Cass County Iowa website.

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    Information updated as of 2/1/2021.  Compiled from sources including Iowa State University, Cass County Extension Office, Cass County courthouse records at Alantic Iowa, Surety Maps, Wikipedia, Iowa Department of Transportation and USDA. An attempt has been made to verify information but it is not guaranteed to be accurate. Confirm all information that you must rely for decision making purposes.

    Iowa Farmland Prices in Cass County

    All farmland values for Cass County are stated as averages and are not a guarantee of value in any given situation.  If you need a written farmland appraisal you should call us at 855-376-3478 to discuss how we can help you, or use our Iowa Farmland Value Calculator.  Farmland prices can change quickly and some information on this website can be up to 12 months old depending on when you view it.  All sale results are dated so you can see the date of the sale however averages are calculated in December of each year and are based on a September to September study.

    Farmland Sales Resources for Cass County Iowa

    You can find Farmland For Sale in Cass County Iowa at  Need the advice of a qualified farmland professional?  Our professional staff of Iowa auctioneers and land brokers at DreamDirt would be happy to visit with you about your situation and help guide you through the process of making an informed decision about selling farmland.  Want to continue your research?  You can find a wealth of information on our Farmland Sales and Auction Blog.

    Estate Attorneys in Cass County Iowa

    If you are searching for an estate attorney to help you with legal work of an estate in Iowa you can search for Estate Attorneys in Cass County on the Find an Iowa Estate Lawyer website by the Iowa Bar Association.