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    Iowa farmland sales

    DreamDirt is an Iowa land company specializing in the sale of all types of farms across Iowa.  DreamDirt offers both private real estate listings and farmland auctions.

    Iowa Land Company | DreamDirt

    Buying Farms in Iowa

    There are different kinds of land buyers in Iowa and multiple ways to buy land.  Engaging the services of a professional Iowa land company is the first step to finding what you are looking for.  At DreamDirt we offer the traditional land buying experience of looking at farms with an agent and making offers but if you are an investment minded buyer we have several other options available.

    Because many of the agents in our company are auctioneers and have a strong understanding of the auction process we offer our services in instances where we do not represent the seller to help you identify farms available at auction and bid on them for you. We are able to identify farm based on the criteria you choose as well as other potential farms that are poorly advertised for auction, misrepresented farms where quality may be better than stated or misunderstood by the auction company, farms that present additional value due to proximity, farms with future development potential, future repurpose farms, farms that qualify for certain government programs or farms with any other hidden value.  These farms often represent a future value, uncommon return or a hidden value that isn’t fully understood at the time.

    Iowa land company

    Selling Farms in Iowa

    You can not find the flexibility or exposure that DreamDirt offers in selling farms in Iowa.  Our company was founded on the premise that we could do better and so much more was possible at a time when agriculture, buying and human communication was changing rapidly.  We have built a marketing system that offers many options for buyers to participate in your sale whether it’s a listing or an auction.  With auctions we offer bidders 4 different ways to participate in the auction.  They can come to the land auction and raise their hand the old fashioned way, they can download an app to their smartphone or tablet and bid using the app from anywhere in the world as the auction happens, they can create an account at and log into our website to bid from a computer anywhere or they can place absentee bids prior to the auction. was built with the understanding that people search for farms for sale in a manner that dictates there is no difference between listings and auctions.  Our state of the art website gets your farm noticed in multiple ways.

    If you are buying or selling farmland in Iowa we would like to visit with you and discuss your goals and show you how we can help you achieve your goals with our marketing system.

    DreamDirt is an Iowa land company licensed in Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri.  You can call us at (855)276-3478 or email