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    Farmland prices in fremont county iowa

    The Fremont County Iowa farmland auction results are in for the Finnel Farm east of Hamburg. The farm was sold at the auction today and when the auction ended the farm realized a total value of $1,903,110.  For those that loved to break down the per tillable acre price that was $10,100 per tillable acre or $153 per CSR point on tillable, well above the average of $113 per point the county carries.

    The farm we were selling was high quality farmland that was located in the hills outside of the Missouri River floodplain.  The farm did not have any structures on it and was 70% tillable with the balance in a mixture of timber and pasture that was in use only as hunting land at the time.  Good farms bring good money and this was no exception.  A farm had sold for $17,000 per acre on the river bottom just a day before this one was sold.  That farm had a CSR in the 80’s and was the result of dissolution of partnership where at least one partner was bidding to buy it back.

    Out sale was very well attended, I think there was 3 empty chairs… of course in the front row near the auctioneer but 10 people standing in the back.  Sort of like school, nobody wants to be in the front row.  To my friend from Des Moines that did sit in the front row… it was nice to visit with you today Steve and I hope you enjoyed the auction.  One of these days I’m going to call out your number at the end of the sale.

    Fremont County Farm Auction

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