Iowa Farmland Prices Auction Results Week 7 2018

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Iowa Farmland Auction Results for Week 6 2018

Average Price per CSR Point in Iowa

Iowa farmland valuesIowa farmland prices in week 7 were nearly identical to week 6 of 2018.  This weeks farmland auction results show that $14,606,615 worth of farmland sold at auction this week for farms that are 80% tillable or more.  There was a sale of pastureland in Ringgold County Iowa at auction.  It was sold as two 80 acre parcels which sold for $2425 and $2250 per acre but none of the acres were tillable acres. The average price per CSR2 for week 7 was $95.07 which was only down slightly from week 6 when we ended at $96.13.  The average price for an acre of farmland for the week was $7387.95 which was down slightly from week 6 when it was $7401.92 per acre. The volume in week 7 was the largest of the year so far with 2084.76 acres trading hands during the week.  The previous high for the year was in week 4 at 1670 acres.  Farmland sales still remain very low which is contributing to higher prices in tillable farmland sales when coupled with the lower interest rates.  Demand for good farms remains strong and sellers are coming out on top in this market.  We often hear opinions of farmland values and people are often astounded at how well farms sell at auction in todays lower commodity price environment but with low volumes we expect the current trend will continue.

Highest Selling Farm in Iowa this week

Benton County Iowa takes top honors this week with a farmland auction achieving $14,300 per acre.  This farm was a 91.6 CSR2 farm that achieved $156.11 per CSR2 point.  Its not hard to see the premium available for these really good farms that break the 90 CSR2 barrier.  8 farms sold better than $100 per CSR2 point this week out of 20.

Iowa Farmland Price Charts for Week 7 2018

Iowa Farmland Price Chart for Week 7 – Actual Sales of Farmland

County Total Acres Tillable Acres Price Per Tillable CSR2 $ per Tillable CSR2 Total Price
Benton 176 170.2 $14,300 91.6 $156.11 $2433860.00
Adair 167 141.52 $4300 63.5 $67.72 $608536.00
Adair 200 179.1 $4700 66.9 $70.25 $841770.00
Adair 80.51 63.27 $2950 56.6 $52.12 $186646.50
Pocahontas 115 111.09 $7550 86.8 $86.98 $838729.50
Pocahontas 155 152.01 $8600 82.8 $103.86 $1307286.00
Pocahontas 83 78.45 $7300 82.7 $88.27 $572685.00
Pocahontas 80 75.04 $6900 74.1 $93.12 $517776.00
Pocahontas 4.89 4.89 $5726 74.5 $76.86 $28000.14
Harrison 71.38 71.05 $5725 57.2 $100.09 $406761.25
Palo Alto 36.26 36.26 $7622 87.1 $87.51 $276373.72
Palo Alto 75.72 75.72 $7158 82.7 $86.55 $542003.76
Plymouth 78.08 76.47 $11450 88 $130.11 $875581.50
Plymouth 71.42 70.92 $11150 86.1 $129.50 $790758.00
Wayne 80 63.16 $3000 43.1 $69.61 $189480.00
Howard 62 60.5 $9250 88.6 $104.40 $559625.00
Chickasaw 146.43 120.11 $6328 69.2 $91.45 $760056.08
Pocahontas 107 102.97 $9100 85.4 $106.56 $937027.00
Clinton 160 148.1 $10,800 83.5 $129.34 $1599480.00
Mills 135.07 86.8 $3850 54.2 $71.03 $334180.00
STATEWIDE AVERAGE $7387.95 75.23 $95.07
TOTALS 2084.76 1887.63 $14,606,615.45

View our Iowa Farmland Map with Current Farmland Prices in All 99 Iowa Counties

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Featured Iowa Farmland Auction

Our team is headed to Sioux County this week and we’ll be selling a farm for Rebecca Bower.  This outstanding farm has 92 CSR2 and is a super farm in a great market.  You can find more information not his farmland auction at  Auctioneers Jason Smith and Tom Bradley 712-592-8965  

Iowa Farmland Prices Report Week 6 2018

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Iowa Farmland Report Week 6 of 2018

Average Price per CSR2 Point in Iowa

Welcome to our Iowa farmland report for week 6 of 2018.  Dollars per CSR2 point this week swings $12.39 higher than last weeks average ending at $96.13 per CSR2 point.  Good farmland sale prices this week and an abundance of good quality farms kept the average up.  The CSR2 rating of farms sold this week averaged 74.56 which was also above last weeks average of 71.4 which shows the premium in those higher quality farms.  The land sold this week was 84.02% tillable which was also up  slightly from last weeks report by 3.9%

farmland value and appraisals in iowaIowa Farmland Sales Volume

This weeks Iowa farmland report shows volume was lower than last week with only 1206.28 acres sold of which 1013.55 was tillable acres.  This was lower than last weeks tillable acres sold of 1225 out of  1530 acres.  Farmland sales volume remains very low right now and contributes to higher values in farmland.  We almost have 2 farmland markets running side by side right now.  You have the traditional market where estate and retirement farms are being sold and a more quiet out of the public eye leaseback market which tends to happen most this time of year.  Leasebacks are farms for sale by farmers typically experiencing cash flow difficulties and even potentially financing issues.  Perhaps the banker has told them to liquidate a particular asset to get their cash flows in line or they’ve just felt the financial pressure themselves and would like to create some breathing room.  There are farms available in this leaseback market and a fair number this year however its much more difficult for buyer and seller to connect in this way because of the “secret” nature of the situations where the seller does not want any attention and there are always more strings attached to the sale.  Ideally the seller will require that they remain the tenant for a period of time, often require a first right of refusal or even a definite sale back timeframe and the farms tend to be priced more in the premium range despite the strings attached.  Another downside is you could be taking on a tenant that is experiencing financial difficulties but a positive is you are taking on a tenant that has a sense of pride in the farm you’ll own, has farmed it in the past and very likely to take good care of the farm.  If you are interested in looking at available leaseback farms lets us know.  They are rarely ever advertised and requires phone calls to find them.

Year to Date Average Farmland Prices in Iowa for 2018

Highest Selling Farm This week

Iowa Farmland Report A sale of $148.51 a CSR2 point tops the charts this week in Tama County at $13,500 per acre on 40.36 acres of farmland.  This was a 100% tillable farm and very good quality at 90.9 CSR2.  There is never any doubt these smaller acreage farms with high CSR2 ratings are going to do extremely well in the auction environment.  We call these farms “An Auctioneers Dream” when we talk about them because we know the intense competition we can create for these farms when exposed properly.

Farmland Price Summary for Iowa

The market continues to produce very good farmland prices across Iowa on low volume and low interest rates.  We see people leaving auctions disappointed they could not buy the farm and often times frustrated but as one runner up bidder told me recently “I had to stop somewhere but I didn’t want to”  Good quality farms will continue to produce good results for sellers I am confident of that for a long time to come.  Medium quality farms tend to be the more hit and miss category thats a little harder to predict from sale to sale and can really be affected by high sales volume in the area they are located.  We’ve seen instances where 4 or 5 farms in 50-60 CSR2 range have sold in close proximity in a shorter time frame and the saturation of sales probably affected the price outcome. Be sure to check back next week for the next edition of the Iowa farmland report and we’ll let you know how this week end.  We’ll be selling in Palo Alto County this week and back in Sioux County next week.  Please be sure to check our auction calendar, we are always learning of new buying opportunities and listing new farms.

Iowa Farmland Prices February 2018

Week 6 Iowa Farmland Report
County Total Acres Till Acres Price Per Till CSR2 $ per Till CSR2 Total Price
Ringgold 156 0 No Sale 49.8 0 0
Floyd 78 76.6 $8550 90.5 $94.48 $654930.00
Floyd 157 152.4 $6375.00 69.5 $91.73 $971550.00
Floyd 160 149.1 $6050.00 75 $80.67 $902055.00
Floyd 100 97.6 $7550.00 87.6 $86.19 $736880.00
Hamilton 146.33 138.8 $10200.00 82 $124.39 $1415760.00
Worth 70 66.6 $8600.00 85.5 $100.58 $572760.00
Worth 36 30,77 $6600.00 64.5 $102.33 $203082.00
Monona 35.96 36.69 $8600.00 82.9 $103.74 $306934.00
Monona 74.77 74.77 $6700.00 65 $103.08 $500959.00
Monona 78.86 78.66 $6500.00 61.9 $105.01 $511290.00
Monona 73 72.2 $7000.00 64.2 $109.03 $505400.00
Tama 40.36 40.36 $13,500.00 90.9 148.51 $544860.00
Iowa Average $7401.92 74.56 96.13
TOTALS 1206.28 1013.55 7,826,460

Featured Farmland Auction For Sale in Iowa

Farmland Auction Join us on Feb 14th at Graettinger Iowa for this the sale of this farmland owned by the Willis Voxland Estate.  These 2 farms total 118 acres and will be sold in 2 individual tracts. Both are good quality farms with high CSR2 ratings.  You can learn more on this farm and other farm auctions and listings at 

Iowa Farmland Prices August 2016

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Iowa Farmland Prices August 2016

This report on Iowa Farmland Prices from DreamDirt, a regular series of farmland values analysis in Iowa issued on a monthly basis is designed to help farmland owners, heirs, executors and other professionals understand the current climate and see the actual sales prices of farms in Iowa.  The report is the best available information collected from many auctioneers and real estate brokers from across the state.  You are encouraged to verify any information you intend to rely on for decision making purposes or employ the assistance of a professional to help you interpret the information if necessary.

Farmland Prices in Iowa Fall 2016

Author Jason Smith, CAI – Broker| Auctioneer  (641)670-7112

The month of August is a typically slow month in terms of sales volume in the farmland business.  August gives way to September which gives us more “knowns” in terms of tenancy arrangements between landlords and tenants.  I don’t have any numbers to support it but in my experience I believe a record number of farm leases were terminated by tenants across the state in an effort to renegotiate leases this year and I believe many tenants are ready to walk away from leases they can no longer afford.  With pressure from the bankers to bring balance sheets in check and the looming threat of 2017 operating loans being a much more difficult than in the last decade we are likely to see a reduction in farmland rents over the next year.  Leases being negotiated right now will be effective March 1, 2017.  Some of the leases I have renegotiated recently between landlord and tenant have fallen between $35 and $55 per acre.  With an estimated reduction in input costs of around $50 these farmers should be able to reduce operating costs by about $100 per acre.  At a current cash prices for corn and soybeans this is a welcome relief for many operators we have worked with.

Farmland prices in Iowa through August have continued their slow and steady decline on average however high quality farms or those with valuable attributes have continued to bring bids not far off of the record high farmland prices.  With interest rates still low and a fair amount of 1031 buyers in the market and very low volume of sales occurring this year competition for farms remains strong on good quality dirt.

Get the full August Report: Iowa Farmland Auction Results August 2016

Considering selling a farm in Iowa?  Get a custom farmland valuation report for free and let us help you understand what your farm might sell for at auction or listing.  Fill our our request form to get your free confidential farmland valuation.

Iowa Farmland Prices August 2016 with sales statewide

CountyDate  Acres        Price    $/AcreCSR2$/CSR2
Pocahontas County







Decatur County







Decatur County







Greene County







Boone County







Pocahontas County







Pocahontas County







Marion County







Van Buren County







Henry County 







Henry County







Lucas County







Des Moines County







Des Moines County







Des Moines County







Des Moines County







Palo Alto County







Palo Alto County







Palo Alto County







Carroll &

Greene County







Hamilton County







Lucas County







Wayne County







Boone County







Cerro Gordo County 







Cerro Gordo County







Cerro Gordo County







Monona County







Monona County







Hancock County







Hancock County







Hancock County







Jason Smith is a professional auctioneer and farmland broker in Iowa who often writes about Iowa Farmland Prices.  As the real estate broker at DreamDirt Farm and Ranch Real Estate he leads the farmland sales team and support staff which is spread across the entire state.  You can reach Jason at 641-670-7112 or by email

We can provide you a free valuation of your farm if you are considering selling farmland in Iowa.  You can give me a call to visit about the farm or click SELL above to send the information to me

2014 Farmland Prices a Surprise to Some

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News of a farmland auction in Washington County Iowa has made its rounds through the circuit this week.  There have in fact been quite a few farmland auctions over the past month that have brought prices that were higher than some expected them to be.  We have written on this on the blog as well.

Here are a few examples of recent farmland sales across Iowa

9/9 Louisa County 73 Acres CSR2 68.4 $7000/a

9/10 Dallas County 85 Acres CSR2 85.9 $10,900

9/5 Kossuth County 308 Acres CSR2 77.7 $8,800

8/29 Jones County 168 Acres CSR2 86.4 $13,000

8/29 Osceola County 104 Acres CSR2 68.9 $7,350

8/29 Osceola County 84 Acres CSR2 95 $10,700

8/20 Cedar County 160 Acres CSR2 90 $13,500

8/9 Adair County 134 Acres CSR2 65.3 $4,400

8/6 Madison County 80 Acres CSR2 37 $3300

8/12 Decatur County 72 Acres CSR UNK $2850

8/4 O’Brien County 160 Acres CSR2 92.7 $10.200

8/1 Marion County 71.1 Acres CSR2 80.3 $7200

Thinking of selling a farm?  Let us help you understand your asset and the value of it.  We offer real estate listings, hyper listings, live and Internet auctions.  We specialize in marketing and selling farm assets at Call today (855)376-3478

2013 Iowa Farmland Prices Survey is Out. Iowa Land is up 5.1%

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The 2013 Iowa Farmland Prices Survey from Iowa State University was released yesterday and we have begun the task of updating the county pages on our website to reflect the new numbers.

This years survey shows us about what we were expecting, a gain of 5.1% or $420 acres statewide.  That’s a positive for the land market.  There are still many strong factors influencing farmland prices, but they are competing with lower commodity prices and the lack of a Farm Bill this year.

I have attached all of the documents below, you can find information on each and every county and compare it with last year’s prices by whole dollar number or percentage increase or decrease from 2012.

This year is the first time we’ve seen decreases at least since 2009.  This year, mostly in northwest Iowa we are seeing individual counties as well as the NW crop reporting district with negative gains.

Northwest Iowa Crop District Average Price Per Acre $10,960 per acre, down 3.9%

North Central Iowa Crop District Average Price Per Acre $9,818, up 2.7%

Northeast Iowa Crop District Average Price Per Acre $9,449, up 2.5%

West Central Iowa Crop District Average Price Per Acre $9,449, up 2.5%

Central Iowa Crop District Average Price Per Acre $9,877 up 5.5%

East Central Iowa Crop District Average Price Per Acre $9,327 up 10.8%

Southwest Iowa Crop District Average Price Per Acre $7,531, up 7.4%

South Central Iowa Crop District Average Price Per Acre $4,791, up 11.2%

Southeast Iowa Crop District Average Price Per Acre $6,994 up 13.3%

Download the 2013 Iowa Farmland Prices Survey Reports

Prices for Iowa Farmland in 2013

2013 Iowa Land Values Survey Slideshow

You can click these images to make them larger iowa land prices 2013 farmland prices in Iowa Iowa farmland prices 2013 2013 farmland prices by crop district Farmland prices by Iowa county

Iowa Farmland Prices Falling Farmland Bubble?

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Iowa Farmland Prices Falling Farmland Bubble Predictors Get Their Day

A new report out this week by the Chicago Fed Reserve has some news that wasn’t unexpected.  With 6 years of record land prices behind us we knew an adjustment in values was in ahead.  The big question is how big will the adjustment be?  The prevailing figure I see being thrown around is 20% over the next 2-3 years.  For at least the last 4 years the term “Farmland Bubble” has been thrown around, as an Auctioneer I’ve had my share of arguments about what lies ahead.  I’ve always said “I don’t see a crash” and I still see no crash coming.  In fact last Thursday I conducted an auction in northern Iowa, with cash corn prices that day opening at $4.22 we still sold the farm for $10,000 per tillable acre.

Farmland bubble

The recent report by the Fed shows that Iowa as a whole state gained 9% appreciation in farmland prices from October 1, 2012 to October 1, 2013 which matches previous survey’s released but whats important to see is that the report shows from July 1, 2013 to October 1, 2013 we were running -1% appreciation.  Its easy to see the correlation between the July-August drop in commodities to the drop in farmland prices.  We can assume the current patter will prevail moving forward and we’ll begin losing value.  That value loss will not be equal and across the board which I’ll explain below.

Download the Chicago Fed Report here Iowa Farmland Prices

As an auctioneer and licensed real estate broker here are my current observations in the Iowa farmland market.

#1 There has been an increase in No-Sales around the state.  A No-Sale is when an auction does not achieve a sellers expected reserve price.  Our company has not experienced a no sale and with this threat out there its more important than ever to choose the right auctioneer, choosing the wrong one can turn into a disaster right now.

#2 Middle of the road and poor quality farmland is still selling but at a reduced price from where it was at last year.  If you have a low CSR and below you’ll see this reflected in the value of your farm.

#3 High quality farms are bringing a premium, this is the bright spot in the farmland market right now.  A report by the Iowa Realtors Land Institute recently quoted the figure of 10% premium for high quality farms in Iowa. Prices on high quality land with a high CSR is bringing top dollar still today, again if your auction is properly marketed and conducted you can still realize top of the market farmland prices.

Are you considering selling a farm in Iowa this season its important you give us a call at DreamDirt Farm & Ranch Real Estate to help you understand the value of your property and create a professional marketing plan that will help you achieve your farm’s full value.

To contact us call Toll Free (855)376-3478 or click fill out this farm Selling Farmland in Iowa

Jason Smith is the licensed real estate broker and principal auctioneer at DreamDirt Farm & Ranch Real Estate at 101 S. Noyes Street Mondamin, Iowa

Iowa Farmland Prices 2013: Realtors Land Institute Report

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The Iowa Chapter #2 of the Realtors Land Institute has released the Iowa Farmland Prices 2013 Spring report.  This is the first of 2 reports the organization of which I am a member releases each year.  Its worth noting these figures are derived from estimates, not necessarily sale results.  That said the estimates are made by farmland sales professionals all around the state that have the benefit of being involved in sales of farmland.

I’ll break the report down by area of the state, quality of farmland and farmlands percent change in value from the September 2012 report.

High Quality Iowa Farmland Prices

RegionSeptember 2012March 2013
Central Iowa$10,893$11,985
East Central Iowa$10,456$11,469
North Central Iowa$10,338$11,453
Northeast Iowa$11,216$12,661
Northwest Iowa$12,287$13,387
South Central Iowa$7,661$8,480
Southeast Iowa$10,042$11,029
Southwest Iowa$10,306$10,875
West Central Iowa$11,521$12,300

Medium Quality Iowa Farmland Prices

RegionSeptember 2012March 2013
Central Iowa$8,297$8,753
East Central Iowa$7,649$8,478
North Central Iowa$8,589$9,305
Northeast Iowa$8,704$9,738
Northwest Iowa$9,655$10,555
South Central Iowa$5,131$5,785
Southeast Iowa$6,990$7,763
Southwest Iowa$7,594$8,156
West Central Iowa$9,096$9,708

Low Quality Iowa Farmland Prices

RegionSeptember 2012March 2013
Central Iowa$5,701$6,267
East Central Iowa$5,058$5,614
North Central Iowa$6,392$6,907
Northeast Iowa$5,696$6,453
Northwest Iowa$6,664$7,302
South Central Iowa$3,210$3,520
Southeast Iowa$3,992$4,321
Southwest Iowa$4,963$5,569
West Central Iowa$6,395$6,823

Non-Tillable Iowa Farmland Prices (Pasture)

RegionSeptember 2012March 2013
Central Iowa$2557$2707
East Central Iowa$2848$3205
North Central Iowa$2485$2611
Northeast Iowa$2604$2823
Northwest Iowa$2643$2804
South Central Iowa$2186$2233
Southeast Iowa$2014$2200
Southwest Iowa$2807$3264
West Central Iowa$2717$2833

Timbered Farmland Prices

RegionSeptember 2012March 2013
Central Iowa$2,015$2,139
East Central Iowa$2,260$2,410
North Central Iowa$2,183$2,283
Northeast Iowa$2,279$2,366
Northwest Iowa$2,418$2,436
South Central Iowa$2,009$2,138
Southeast Iowa$1,770$1,880
Southwest Iowa$1,764$1,943
West Central Iowa$2,105$2,110

Percent Change From September 2012 to March 2013

RegionPercent Change
Central Iowa+ 8.5%
East Central Iowa+ 10.4%
North Central Iowa+ 9.3%
Northeast Iowa+ 12.6%
Northwest Iowa+ 9.2%
South Central Iowa+ 11.1%
Southeast Iowa+ 9.9%
Southwest Iowa+ 7.6%
West Central Iowa+ 6.7%
Statewide+ 9.4%

Iowa Farmland Bubble: Jason on Brownfield Radio

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The Iowa Farmland Bubble, is it real or not real?  I’ve written about the Iowa Farmland Bubble and even use that name as if it exists several times in the past and last week I did an interview with Ken Anderson of Brownfield Ag News about the topic of Iowa farmland values.  The farmland news recently has been dominated by talk of the farmland bubble including a story that was run by the Des Moines Register and the CNBC written by Christopher Doering.  The Brownfield Radio piece is on their website today including the audio of my interview Experts disagree on farmland trends

I’m not sure we exactly disagree, because I do agree with Duffy, if corn falls to $4.50 we will see a reduction in farmland prices.  The commodities cycle could put us at $4.50 corn for parts of the year, but at the top of the demand cycle I don’t see $4.50 corn.  My opinion holds today that I do not see a break in the increase in value of farmland in 2013 and 2014.  Our trend has slowed at different periods of the year.  In early 2012 we saw gains slow, but in the end of the year they moved up at a blistering pace.  The same could be said about early 2013.  I believe we will continue to see these sporatic increases with a general pace forward for sometime, at least until something chages.  Thats the key, what will change and when will it change.  Will it be an increase in interest rates, a decrease in commodity prices, lack of invetor demand?  These things that prop the farmland market up have to change before the farmland market can slow or drop.  There are some things we can’t see or know today that could change the farmland market.  Probably the least predicatable is the 2013 crop, will it be a drought year or will it be a bumper crop?  If its a drought year it continues to prop up farmland prices, if its a bin buster and the market gets over supplied with corn it has the opposite effect, corn prices come down and farmland will follow.

Iowa farmland values

I continually read every piece of news I can find about farmland prices, taking the temperature of those involved in the market and its red hot right now.  Despite the tone of the article on the Des Moines Register and CNBC its red hot.  There are the contingent of folks that will say they are on the sideline, they are not in the market, they are standing at the bottom waiting to pick up the pieces… but those folks have been around since at least 2007 which was the first time I heard someone say that.  In 2009 Iowa’ saw about a 2% decline in farmland prices when commodity prices fell but in 2010 we began and ascent that we have never seen before.  Are there some nervous folks out there today?  You bet there are, on both the buying and selling side.  I know sellers that have held off for 3 years trying to time the market at its peak (they will likely disappoint themselves) and buyers that take extra caution in buying decisions.  Despite the headlines filled with big numbers there is great caution in place today.  Its not happening quite as willy nilly as it may seem if you just read the news.

There is always risk in investing in farmland and everybody should always do so with great caution but when you understand the real value of farmland and its scarcity you understand why prices are where they are today.  Finally, I am not an economist, I am a Iowa farmland auctioneer, my view of the market is from behind a microphone and a telephone.  I tend to judge the market more from a demand for land perspective weighed against the current and foreseeable farm business climate.  Decisions involving your money are always best made with advice of multiple professionals with different perspectives.

Jason Smith Auctioneer on Fox News Iowa Farmland Prices

Land Auction Thumbnail
Last week I had the fortune of visiting with a producer at Fox News to help answer a few questions about Iowa farmland prices.  I’ve been blessed to be able to work with the national media including NBC’s Rock Center’s story of Iowa Farmland Prices story in January 2012.  Since then I’ve also worked with CBC, New York Times, Wallaces Farmer as well as many regional and local publications to help them understand Iowa farmland prices.  I spend a great deal of time researching and understanding the farmland market, current market conditions in Iowa as well as developing a database of past sales and current high farmland prices in each county.  The amount of effort that goes into this has sharpened my skills, my sense of value in farmland.  It helps me to see the big picture statewide by keeping track of what is happening on a daily basis.

Fox News Iowa Farmland Prices

After shooting interviews the Fox Crew including reporter Steve Brown who you often see on Fox News was nice enough to get their photo taken and be seen in public with me!  As always I appreciate the opportunity these guys give me, its helped us grow our business and its helped us meet new people that we normally would not be able to.

Fox news created an Internet version of the story where a small portion of my interview was used and you can watch that version here.

Fox News: Iowa Farmland Prices