Iowa Farmland Prices Falling Farmland Bubble?

November 19, 2013

Iowa Farmland Prices Falling Farmland Bubble Predictors Get Their Day A new report out this week by the Chicago Fed Reserve has some news that wasn’t unexpected.  With 6 years of record land prices behind us we knew an adjustment in values was in ahead.  The big question is how big will the adjustment be?  […]

Iowa Record Farmland Auction in Sioux County $21,900

October 26, 2012

Auctioneers set new Iowa record farmland auction in Sioux County $21,900 per acre!  Learn more about Sioux County Iowa Farmland Values on our Iowa Farmland Map above and to the right. I suppose we keep records of everything, but I’m not sure when we started keeping track of where the highest price was set at auction […]

Iowa Land Brokers

June 20, 2012

Our website carries the Jason Smith Auctioneer logo but that doesn’t change the fact we are also Iowa land brokers licensed to sell farmland real estate at auction as well.  In Iowa Auctioneers can sell farmland at auction, but if they do not have a real estate license they are limited to calling the sale only.  To […]

Auctioneers in Iowa

February 21, 2012

We are Auctioneers in Iowa that handle farmland, estates, machinerty and crop and hunting lease auctions.  We specialize in farm type assets across all 99 counties in Iowa.  We provide a great deal of information on current farmland prices in Iowa on our site to help you keep track of land markets and make the decision to sell when […]

Jason Appears On NBC’s Rock Center Farmland Prices

January 3, 2012

Jason Smith appears on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams for a special on farmland prices in Iowa. I’m accustomed to getting out of state phone calls, there is nothing unsual about it to me.  Even odd caller ID’s from those folks trying to sell me car warranties or credit cards but I always take a look […]