Antelope County nebraska farmland prices
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Recent Sales In This County
  • 11.8 Acres $275,000 61 NCCPI 06/11/17
  • 159.7 Acres $1,000,000 42 NCCPI 03/08/17
  • 79.4 Acres $223,000 42 NCCPI 02/21/17
  • 78.4 Acres $2,118,000 48 NCCPI 01/10/17
  • 159.1 Acres $911,000 49 NCCPI 04/11/17
  • 158.8 Acres $516,000 39 NCCPI 06/24/17
  • 437.7 Acres $750,000 46 NCCPI 10/07/16
  • 159.2 $954,000 56 NCCPI 03/22/17
  • 150.08 $158,000 68 NCCPI 03/07/17
  • 155.2 Acres $666,000 53 NCCPI 10/10/17
  • 157.7 Acres $885,000 55 NCCPI 10/10/17
  • 157.1 Acres $865,000 43 NCCPI 03/29/16
  • 159.1 Acres $900,000 06/16/17
  • 157.5 Acres $760,000 41 NCCPI 01/02/18
  • 157.9 Acres $541,000 52 NCCPI 10/16/17
  • 157.9 Acres $541,000 52 NCCPI 10/16/17

Antelope County

Location:   Northeast Nebraska
County Average NCCPI:   46
State Average NCCPI:  

County Size:   857.1 Sq Miles
Farm & Ranch Land Acres Inventory:   475,017 acres

State Average Farmland Price:   $2820
Region:   Northeast
Average Farmland Value for Region:   $5,505
Highest Known Farmland Sale in County:  

Average Farmland Prices

Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential)

Average:   5410
High Grade:   6980
Low Grade:   4020

Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potentail)

Average:   5980
High Grade:   7250
Low Grade:  

Grazing Land (Tillable)

Average:   3665
High Grade:   3910
Low Grade:   2650

Grazing Land (Nontillable)

Average:   2230
High Grade:   2860
Low Grade:   1820


Average:   6890
High Grade:   8555
Low Grade:   5895

Gravity Irrigated Cropland

Average:   7445
High Grade:   8875
Low Grade:   6350

Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland (Pivot Value Not Included)

Average:   3295
High Grade:   3825
Low Grade:   2520

Towns: Elgin, Neigh, Tilden Villages, Brunswick, Clearwater, Oakdale, Orchard, Royal

Townships: Basil, Blaine, Burnett, Cedar, Clearwater, Crawford, Custer, Eden, Elgin, Ellsworth, Elm, Frenchtown, Garfield, Grant, Lincoln, Logan, Neigh, Oakdale, Ord, Royal, Sherman, Stanton, Verdigris, Willow

County History and Ag Facts: You can download the Antelope County Nebraska Farm and Land facts from the USDA 2012 Ag census to learn more about agriculture in Antelope County, Nebraska.

Additional Information: For local information you can connect with Antelope County government on the Antelope County Government website or for specific information on particular real estate you can find all property records at Antelope County Real Estate and GIS website

DreamDirt has updated the Antelope County Nebraska farmland prices on 2/17/18. We have compiled information for this page from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s annual farm real estate report.  Also, farmland data was collected from the Antelope County Extension Office, Antelope County courthouse records, Surety Maps, Wikipedia, and USDA.

DreamDirt has made every attempt to verify the information but it is not guaranteed to be accurate. You should confirm all information that you must rely for decision making purposes. Farmland prices can change quickly and some information on this website can be up to 12 months old depending on when you view it.

Antelope County Nebraska Farmland & Ranchland Prices

Antelope County Nebraska farm and ranch land prices

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