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Hembry farm tracts

This farm was SOLD at auction.

Decatur County Iowa Farmland 330 Acre Auction.  We are happy to present one of the finest farms available this season in Decatur County.  Located south of Van Wert 2.5 miles this farm offers a myriad of options.  A great multi use farm that lies nearly flat has 3 good ponds, good fence and grows great grass.  They have fed alot of cows on this farm and its carrying capacity is really impressive.  Its more impressive that a pasture farm like this has escaped the plow for so long.  As one looker told me “this farm lies as good as any farm in the county, the only reason its still grass is because the owners insisted it remain pasture, thats what they always had it as”

On October 19th it will be getting a new owner and that owner gets the choice.  As a row crop farm it would be a top producer, easy to get bit equipment in and out of and it would be almost effortless to convert it to tillable land with very little waste.

We will also be selling the Hembry home with outbuildings along with the estate contents.

You can learn more about this farm on our DreamDirt Farm & Ranch Real Estate website Decatur County Iowa Hembry Farm Auction