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Recent Sales in This County

  • 1/26/18 60 Acres $10,220 79.9 CSR2 56.17 Tillable Acres $127.66 per CSR2 Point

Location: East Central Iowa
County Average CSR:
60.6 weighted average, 77 Cropland Average, 79 CSR2 Cropland Average

State Average CSR: A number
Average Price per CSR2 Point: $120.10
County Average CSR: 60.6 weighted average, 77 Cropland Average, 79 CSR2 Cropland Average
County Size: 586 sq miles
Farmland Acres: 331,922 total acres, 271,861 Cropland acres, 20,669 Woodland acres, 39,392 Other acres

Average Farmland Value (Price Per Acre):
Average Farmland Value for East Central Iowa:
Highest Known Farmland Sale in County:

Average County Rent: $224.00
Rent Range: $183/a to $267/a
Average rent for East Central Iowa:
Rent per CSR Point:
$2.84 per CSR2

Improved Permanent Pasture:
$88.00/a Region 6 Average
Unimproved Permanent Pasture: $55.00/a
Stalk Grazing per Acre:
$11/a Region 6 Average
Hunting Rights per Acre:
$16/a Region 6 Average

Towns: Ladora, North English, Victor, Marengo, Paell, Williamsburg, Millersburg

Unincorporated Areas: Conroy, Homestead, Genoa Bluff, South Amana

Townships: Honey Creek, Marengo, Washington, Lexox, Hartford, Sumner, Conroy, Iowa, Lincoln, Pilot, Troy, York, Dayton, English, Fillmore, Greene

History: Iowa County was formed on February 17, 1843. It was named for the Iowa River, which flows through the county. The first courthouse was a log cabin built in 1847. This was rented by the county until 1850 when a second courthouse was completed. In 1861 construction of a third courthouse was begun. The current courthouse was built in 1892 after the county had outgrown the previous one. Iowa County is home to the Amana Colonies, a group of settlements of radical German Pietists, comprising seven villages. Calling themselves the Ebenezer Society or the Community of True Inspiration (German: die Gemeinde der wahren Inspiration), they first settled in New York state near Buffalo in what is now the Town of West Seneca. However, in order to live out their beliefs in more isolated surroundings they moved west, to Iowa County in 1855, living a communal life until the mid-1930s. Today, Amana is a major tourist attraction known mainly for its restaurants and craft shops, and the colonies as a whole have been listed as a National Historic Landmark since 1965.

Additional Information: Lea more on the Iowa County Iowa website.

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Information updated as of 1/29/18. Compiled from sources including Iowa State University, Iowa County Extension Office, Iowa County courthouse records, Surety Maps, Wikipedia, Iowa Department of Transportation and USDA. An attempt has been made to verify information but it is not guaranteed to be accurate. Confirm all information that you must rely for decision making purposes.