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Recent Sales In This County
  • 8/10/2016, 80 Acres, $608,000, $7,600.00/Acre, CSR 2 84.9, $89.52/CSR 2 Point
  • 8/24/2016, 113 Acres, $870,100, $7,700.00/ Acre, CSR 2 83.8, $91.89/CSR 2 Point
  • 9/8/2016; 40 Acres; $372,000; $9,300.00/Acre; 86 CSR 2; $108.14/CSR 2 Point
  • 11/17/2016; 80 Acres; $680000; $8500/Acre; 88% Tillable; 82 CSR 2; $104/CSR 2 Point
  • 8/24/17 146.51 Acres $8,600 83.9 CSR2 143.65 $102.50 per CSR2 Point
  • 12/4/17 60 Acres $8,400 87 CSR2 60 Tillable Acres $96.55 per CSR2 Point
  • 12/20/17 160 Acres $5,700 64.6 CSR2 144.7 Tillable Acres $88.23 per CSR2 Point
  • 12/20/17 80 Acres $7,100 80.1 CSR2 75.32 Tillable Acres $88.33 per CSR2 Point
  • 12/20/17 22 Acres $10,100 87.8 CSR2 21.23 Tillable Acres $115.03 per CSR2 Point

Boone County

Location: Central Iowa
County Average CSR: 72.3 weighted average, 82 Cropland Average, 87 CSR2 cropland average
State Average CSR:
Average Price per CSR2 Point: $116.74
County Size: 572 sq miles
Farmland Acres: 328,906 total acres, 297,488 Cropland acres, 13,013 Woodland acres, 18,405 Other acres

Average Farmland Value (Price Per Acre): $8,440
Average Farmland Value for Central Iowa: $7,377
Highest Known Farmland Sale in County:

Average County Rent: $229.00
Rent Range: $140/a to $300/a
Average rent for Central Iowa: $239.00
Rent per CSR Point: $2.63 per CSR2
Improved Permanent Pasture: $61.00/a regional average
Unimproved Permanent Pasture: $43.00/a regional average
Stalk Grazing per Acre: $19/a Regional average
Hunting Rights per Acre: $13/a Regional average

Towns: Beaver, Boxholm, Madrid, Pilot Mound, Berkley, Fraser, Ogden, Sheldahl, Boone, Luther

Unincorporated Areas: Jordan, Logansport, Mackey, Moingona, Zenorsville

Townships: Amaqua, Dodge, Jackson, Worth, Beaver, Douglas, Marcy, Yell, Cass, Garden, Peoples, Colfax, Grant, Pilot Mound, Des Moines, Harrison, Union.

History: Boone County was established January 13, 1846, from free land. It was named after Captain Nathan Boone, son of Daniel Boone, an American pioneer, who had formed the Wildeess Trail and founded the town Boonesborough, Kentucky.

Additional Information: Lea more on the Boone County Iowa website.

Information updated as of 1/29/18.  Compiled from sources including Iowa State University, Boone County Extension Office, Boone County courthouse records, Surety Maps, Wikipedia, Iowa Department of Transportation and USDA. An attempt has been made to verify information but it is not guaranteed to be accurate. Confirm all information that you must rely for decision making purposes.

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Farmland Sales Resources for Boone County Iowa


Boone County Iowa farmland salesBoone County Iowa Farmland Sales


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