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Clients Are Their #1 Priority
Our Experience with DreamDirt was nothing short of amazing.  Jason did an amazing job explaining the process and being there every step of the way.  I honestly can’t thank them enough for making the process so easy and more importantly getting us the most money for our farmland.  The bottom line is they are great people and their clients are their #1 priority.
JH Farms
Sioux County
Available To Help at Any Time
“My siblings and I recently sold our family farm that had been in our family for almost 100 years. It seemed a huge decision and undertaking. Jason at DreamDirt is very knowledgable and competent and the whole process was made easier. We’re so glad we found their website and decided to use them. Jason was available to us at any time and went the extra mile to meet our needs and answer any questions we had. We were concerned about getting the price we wanted with somewhat of a market downturn but with their extensive marketing (including the beautiful video) we were very happy with the results. We would definitely recommend Dreamdirt to anyone considering this process.”
Melinda Jensen
Shelby County Iowa
Cutting Edge of Their Profession
In 2016 we employed DreamDirt to sell 1181 acres of land in Winnebago County in northern Iowa This was our parents estate and was a very important matter to us. We were most impressed with Jason and Tom’s very thorough planning, advertising and auction. They were very knowledgeable and available everytime when we had questions and that was often. I believe they are on the cutting edge of their profession and they would get our highest recommendation, they are true professionals at what they do which made things very smooth for us with great results.
Judy Blankenfeld
Winnebago County Iowa
Very Knowledgable
I want to thank you, your wife, and your entire team for the attention that you showed to every detail of my auction! I researched all of my options, I visited with other auctioneers in the area, and I decided on your firm. I am impressed with all of your marketing avenues, the timing of each marketing venue was perfect. Jason, your Facebook ads, newspaper ads, and window advertising were very nice. I appreciate the time you spent in explaining your thoughts to marketing my property, the thought that the selling costs can be shared with the buyer, and your entire knowledge of the process. I had many questions during the process. You were very prompt in returning my calls, if you happened to be busy at the time of my call. I watched my auction live on Facebook, what I saw was a very professional operation with every “i” dotted, and “t” crossed. Your legal forms were easy to understand, they are concise and easy to complete. This was my first, and only, need for an auctioneer of farm property. I would have no problem recommending you, and your team, for any auction need.
Wayne Claussen
Buena Vista County Iowa
Advertising was Outstanding
When I inherited our family farm in Plymouth County Iowa I contacted Jason at DreamDirt about the farm. His research was thorough and detailed, he was knowledgeable, extremely helpful and the advertising for our family farm was absolutely outstanding! The number of people that attended our auction or bid online was incredible. DreamDirt SOLD the farm at auction for more than I thought it would sell for! I considered many auctioneers and in the end Jason was able to achieve more money which meant the difference in my ability to retire early.
Chad Schneider
Plymouth County Iowa
Selling farmland can be daunting and stressful. Working with Jason and his team made it a little less so. Jason is knowledgeable and will guide you through the entire process. He and his team were very professional and friendly. I was most impressed with his responsiveness. And the marketing reach resulted in a good auction for us. I would recommend DreamDirt to anyone.
Kris Whetstone
Guthrie County Iowa
He is Amazing
I contacted Jason Smith at DreamDirt regarding my hard to sell acreage in Missouri, which had been up for sale for 2 years. Being new to placing a property up for auction, Jason took the time to explain everything to me in detail and was never too busy to take my call. He went above and beyond to make sure the property sold at the price I needed. I could not be happier with his good judgment, experience and knowledge on how to make a difficult impossible property sell quickly and easily. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jason. HE IS AMAZING!!!!
Lisa St. John
Douglas County Missouri
More Money!
I researched every realtor/auctioneer I could find in the area of our land and kept returning to DreamDirt’s site.  Jason spent even more time talking to us and answering every single question we threw at him.  Their presentation of our property thru multimedia was incredible and reached more people than we dreamed of.  We are extremely glad we did because I am 100% positive DreamDirt Auctioneers brought us more for our land than we would have ever thought to sell it for.
Michelle Biediger
Cass County Nebraska
This is a 'get-er-done' operation
After the last closing, Jason suggested that I could write a ‘one or two line testimonial’ about my experience with Dream Dirt.  It will take more than one or two sentences! I contacted Jason about selling our family farms. He was very thorough and professional at all times. He showed utmost respect to the fact that these were generational farms, owned by our family for as long as I can remember. We came to a difficult set of circumstances and at every ‘bump in the road’ Jason came up with a positive solution.  No question I had remained unanswered no matter how trivial.  Both Dynamic and Innovative. This is a ‘get-er-done’ operation that is unafraid of being progressive AND aggressive.  Not wanting the ‘good ole’ boy’ solution of selling farm land was very important to me and Dream Dirt did not disappoint.  In reading previous testimonials, others had remarked how they could text, email, contact Jason 24/7. That really is true because I did contact him at all times of the day and night. This is a team that you can put your trust in and you will get a great result.  Dream Dirt is THE best!!!
Karma Tollman
Buchanan County
Earned Our Trust
“My first contact with Jason was an e-mail I sent one night at midnight.  To my surprise I received an answer in 15 minutes and then a full proposal by 1:00AM.  From that point on Jason and DreamDirt provided a level of service that you really don’t find today.  Selling a farmily farm is a stressful and complicated endeavor, and when you have a question or concern, the most important quality in a professional is trust.   Jason earned our trust and I am confident he will earn yours too.  I highly recommend DreamDirt.”
Robert S Stensland
Story County Iowa
Recommend to Anybody
I would recommend you guys to anybody, I can’t say enough good about the job you did
Thad Bridges
Pottawattamie County IA
I would highly recommend that you use their auction services if you are going to sell your farmland.
Jim Schmidt
Harrison County
Always Available
I want to take this opportunity to thank Jason Smith Farmland Auctioneer for his efforts in handling the auction and sale of our two estate farm properties in Iowa. The Betty J (Brown) Robinson Estate properties were handled in a very professional and courteous manner, with Jason working tirelessly, day and night, to give my brother, sister and me all possible sale options. Jason was always available to answer any questions, and to work on the best sale and auction possibilities for many months, with his efforts resulting in better-then-expect returns on both properties. Jason identified with all issues on these sales, and since I live in Pittsburgh, helped overcome many challenging situations to bring those results to fruition.
F. Kyle Robinson
Monona County, IA
Tireless Work
Jason and I crossed paths several years ago while I was attending an auction. It was during those few minutes that we discovered we had quite a bit in common…a passion for hunting and enjoying the beauty of Iowa. As I got to know more about Jason, I felt very fortunate to have stumbled across this walking encyclopedia, and was amazed at the knowledge he possessed about land ownership and his enthusiasm to share with me. Last year, I contacted Jason about several properties that I intended to sell and asked for his assistance. Despite the short timeline, Jason responded quickly and worked tirelessly to market these properties. Jason didn’t just stop at getting the listing and turning the property over to other salespeople. He spent hours learning and understanding the property so that he could explain the potential of it to who ever he showed it to. I was amazed at his ability to match the ideal buyer(s) for our property
Mike Sorensen
Harrison and Monona County, IA
Above and Beyond
Jason Smith went above-and-beyond with regards to the help and attention he showed in the sale of our farm. We had more than a few questions, and a lot of reservations in the beginning, yet it was Jason’s patience, as well as his thorough knowledge, genuine friendliness, and total and timely attention that made us feel comfortable going forward with the auction process. And now that it’s over, we’re so glad we did! What impressed us even more was the help and support we received after the sale, especially with the last-minute arrangement of our 1031 exchanges. The type of service we received from Jason is hard to find these days, and my entire family and I were nothing less than completely impressed throughout the entire deal. We really never imagined the farm selling for so much!
Jennifer Finnell
Fremont County, IA
Lightning-Fast Responses
Jason Smith and his team surpassed our expectations, and I want to sincerely thank you for making a farm sale for an out-of-state family such a great success. From the first telephone conversation with Jason, to the company’s assistance with final documentation, everything was communicated clearly and professionally. Even hindrances such as our loss of both the abstract and the tilling map didn’t present an obstacle for Jason, who reassured us they could be replaced, and did so without allowing us to feel stressed. Jason’s initial proposal and estimate was also extremely thorough and accurate, and the only surprise for us was when the land sold for $1,000 an acre more than his estimate!
Leroy and Stephanie Moland
Story County, IA
Stress-Free Sales
When my family decided to sell some of our land in central Iowa, Jason’s website was an invaluable resource in learning about the fundamentals of the ag market and logistics in pricing land. The natural next step was to consider him as the auctioneer to handle the sale, and he earned the business with his quick responses and straightforward direction about how to get the process started. In the weeks leading up to the sale, Jason worked to earn his commission. Every step of the way, no matter the question I had, his answer came back immediately, via phone or email. He simply inspires confidence, and even when I was hundreds of miles away, I knew that he was on the ground building awareness for the auction and lining up all the necessary resources.
Bo Brock
Dallas County, IA
Complete Professionalism
I had talked to Jason several times over the two months before the auction, but had never met him until the day of the auction. I feel that everything from the smallest details in getting ready for the sale – right up to and including the auction – was handled with complete professionalism. It was truly a pleasure to work with Jason and his team. Thank you!
Gary Vroegh
Marion County, IA