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Farmland values in Iowa

News of a farmland auction in Washington County Iowa has made its rounds through the circuit this week.  There have in fact been quite a few farmland auctions over the past month that have brought prices that were higher than some expected them to be.  We have written on this on the blog as well.

Here are a few examples of recent farmland sales across Iowa

9/9 Louisa County 73 Acres CSR2 68.4 $7000/a

9/10 Dallas County 85 Acres CSR2 85.9 $10,900

9/5 Kossuth County 308 Acres CSR2 77.7 $8,800

8/29 Jones County 168 Acres CSR2 86.4 $13,000

8/29 Osceola County 104 Acres CSR2 68.9 $7,350

8/29 Osceola County 84 Acres CSR2 95 $10,700

8/20 Cedar County 160 Acres CSR2 90 $13,500

8/9 Adair County 134 Acres CSR2 65.3 $4,400

8/6 Madison County 80 Acres CSR2 37 $3300

8/12 Decatur County 72 Acres CSR UNK $2850

8/4 O’Brien County 160 Acres CSR2 92.7 $10.200

8/1 Marion County 71.1 Acres CSR2 80.3 $7200

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