Farmland Values Northwest Iowa

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Farmland Values Northwest Iowa continued to rise in 2012

If you own farmland in Northwest Iowa and are interested in learning more about farmland values in northwest Iowa we have several resources right here on the website that can help you learn about the value of your farmland.Northwest Iowa Farmland Values

Northwest Iowa has the highest farmland values in the state of Iowa, including the highest sale in the state which occurred in Sioux County at $21,900 per acre.  Counties in northwest Iowa carry the highest averages state wide and the NW Iowa crop reporting district has the highest average at $11,404 per acre district wide.  Typically this region has the highest ratio of acres owned to tillable acres and it is a highly sought after areas to own farmland.  Farmland rents are also highest in this area.

Above on the top right of this page you see “Iowa Map”  If you click on that link you can choose the county in which your farmland is located.  Each county page contains value and price averages from the previous year that will help you understand the land market in that county.

Each county features:

  • Highest sale price
  • Average County CSR
  • Average farmland value per CSR point
  • Rent spreads from low to high
  • Average farmland rent per CSR point
  • Recent sales and auction results
  • Much more

Counties in the Northwest Iowa Crop Reporting District. Click a county to go directly to its page on farmland values.

Considering selling farmland in Iowa?

We are auctioneers in Iowa and we sell farms all over the state of Iowa including the northwest region.  Our staff in NW Iowa is ready to help you.  Take a moment to see what others have had to say about working with us on our Reviews page.

When marketing a farm you have options to choose from in selling a farm. We have the ability to sell your farmland for you in several ways or a combination of ways.

  • Live Auction
  • Private Treaty Listing
  • Offered to our investors pool for immediate offers

If you are interested in learning what your farm assets will achieve at auction or private sale you can click CONTACT link above. We will evaluate your farm and prepare a free and confidential price opinion on your farm. In addition we will also outline a marketing strategy for your farm or assets that will achieve the best and highest offer for your farmland or machinery.  Call Jason Smith, Auctioneer at (712)592-8965